Hungersnot in Uganda

Eine große Dürre in Uganda, Mais-Preise explodieren, erste Leute sterben, weil sie nichts zu essen haben, die Schulgebühren können nicht mehr bezahlt werden.
Das gilt auch für den Norden mit unserer Schule in Uganda.

Dear Irene and Henry,
May you include our country in your prayers! Personally, I had never seen a situation where people die due to hunger in many parts of Uganda. Due to prolonged drought, and unstable rain seasons, people planted food and all dried thrice this year. There is a very big food crisis in the country and some people are dying! The food prices are so worrying that in some places a kilo of maize flour has reached 2600 from 1200, to 1400, to 1750….to 2600 and is expected to rise more. This will greatly affect our budget next term because no harvests are expected.
Since most families depend on small scale farming for income , at school we have experienced the greatest failure in fees fees payment ever. So we need prayers that we receive stable rain, to enable people grow food. The central, western and south western parts have experienced the greatest challenge.
May the lord bless you so much,

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