End of term II 2016

Dear Henry and Irene,

The community of st. Peter’s secondary school greets you with love! The teachers and students especially, feel indebted for your continued interventions in our day to day life support, both spiritual and financial.

I therefore on behalf of every body, including the parents and church, wish to inform you that we successfully ended the term last Friday 26/8/2016 and we released our students for holidays up to 25/09/2016. As usual for term two holidays, S.4 and 6 candidates remain to work on their practical material which we submit to the commission prior to final written exams. So, we have them until 20th September. We greatly wish to extend our joy, appreciation and gratefulness to your continued support that enabled us to complete the term. The following were key successes we registered in the term;

  1. We had food throughout the term. This term, we managed to prepare rice for all the Sunday lunch meals! It was not much easy but we thank God for enabling us. Such a meal costs about 420,000!
  2. We paid three months salary, of may,June, and July. However, we were not in position to raise the August salary for non sponsored teachers.
  3. Despite much sicknesses in term two, we were able to buy most of the medicines in the sick bay though some students were treated out of school whose condition was beyond our capacity.
  4. All candidates did external mocks, with partial assistance from Henry! We were greatly indebted with your contribution. This however cost us much in stationary and laboratory chemicals and apparatus.
  5. Our students greatly advanced in skills of making liquid soap, candles, little in petroleum jelly and shoe polish. However this was only possible to a selected group but not the whole school, due to funds. We were very grateful for the support from Irene towards buying some materials. We believe that in future when funds are available, this will help many of our students to sustain themselves after st. Peters with further studies, and to sell them to parents, for the school sustenance.
  6. We participated in a one week exhibition, from where we collected up to 9 million shillings meant to build a main hall. We also received fees from the sponsored students and dedicated it to that too. This was started last week, and we hope much work to be done within a short time, because we were able to have our own bricks. We will however not be able to raise money for roofing timber, iron sheets, nails and labour.
  7. Three two room houses for teachers were built with funding from Irene. The ceiling was made, concrete put and most parts of the interior plastered. This brought untold joy to teachers, a well as sadness to those who will not get rooms there.
  8. We were very grateful to receive a donation of 3,545,000 for library books from Irene. We already paid and ordered for them and are expected to be delivered on Monday 5th.
  9. we uprooted all trees and stems from the play ground, but still requires backfilling.

And many more others accomplishments.

However, there were some challenges encountered, which included;

  1. Rampant death of parents. 9 students lost parents in only one term, and we can’t send such children away! This makes a total of 15 since the year started.
  2. One laptop is no longer working. It is expected to be a hard disk problem, and another also being on and off. We expect a technician next week to check them.
  3. New taxes that crop up each time especially on teachers‘ salaries and school’s contribution of 10% of salary to each teacher per month on social security fund! Many are demanding for salary increase due to reducing net income.
  4. Inflation on most consumers goods in the country, which raise operational costs, especially the laboratory. More other challenges were ably handled.

Next terms major operational challenges will mainly include;

  1. Laboratory requirements for final exams starting on 14th October, of up to 11.5 million shillings. And other exam management costs up to December 2nd!
  2. Finishing up the main hall as required by the commission.
  3. Adding more furniture for examination purposes. Others may stand as challenges, but may either be handled,or postponed.

I will attend a meeting this afternoon, preparing for my introduction ceremony on 17/09/2016 and I will attend the Sunday service from our village of Kalasa on Sunday. Irene knows it.
We wish you all the best of times, good health, joy and happiness. Send our lovely greetings and appreciation to all our sustainers. May the lord bless you all.

Yours in Christ,


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