The fundraising/field work

Dear Irene,Dear Henry,

We thank God we went through the exhibition successfully.

We were required to show to the people what students do at school. I took students for two days to show how to make liquid soap which we branded with our school sticker. We are using the money you sent earlier on to teach that. we intend to teach other items like candle making, cakes, poultry feeds, shoe polish and others as funds get available. others were sewing, some making practical and others sung on stage. Number of school cds were sold and we are waiting to hear from the radio station about the returns, hopefully next week.

Students went for fieldwork yesterday. We managed two buses, hence 180 students and three teachers. They went to eastern Uganda. It took us 4,620,000 for transport, lunch and entry fees. They came back successfully but so late at 10:30pm due to much jam on the way!

So, we had quite a successful week.

Our next challenge is how to raise money for mock examinations for the candidates, starting 28th July.

May the lord bless you so much.

Yours in Christ,


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