Appreciation – P.L.E Concluded

I am very excited to report to you that the long-awaited Primary Leaving Examination was finally concluded yesterday! I do write to thank you and LAP for your continued support to our candidates and their parents that enabled us to reach this far. 

At the beginning of this year when we were supposed to register these children for this examination, the parents could not afford to raise the money that the government wanted every child to pay in order to be registered for this exam. These were parents that had lost their jobs, businesses and everything as a result of the prolonged lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

I sent you and LAP a request to help sponsor these children of which you amazingly did to the rescue of not only the children and their parents but even our school was going to lose all these children! Yesterday after their last paper, you needed to see the great smiles in their faces; unimaginable!

No word can express our gratitude to you Mr. President, LAP organization and the entire donor community. On behalf of the candidates, their parents, the entire school and on my own behalf, thank you for the painful sacrifices you have always made to guarantee a future for these needy children just like our school moto states: “ …a future for children“. We will never forget to remember you in our prayers.

God bless you all!

P.S. Ebola epidemic is a big threat! Some districts already in lockdown, Ministry of health plans to close the schools earlier than scheduled. Details follow. 

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