Bengo Projects Highlights

Dear dad,
I would like to share with you briefly on the progress on bengo projects up to this point;

  1. Septic tank is complete
  2. P.5 classroom, the walling will be completed tomorrow and roofing will follow immediately. We have already bought all the roofing materials and transported to job site. Pictures attached.
  3. One of the dormitory has been fully roofed as you will see in the pictures attached, doors and windows have been ordered for and by next week they are ready. Plastering to follow next. The second dormitory; 5 trips of bricks have so far been brought on site but a lot needs to be resolved.
  4. Toilets and showers not fully covered; for one has been built and roofing complete remaining plumbing work to the septic tank.
Papa, the dormitory has consumed too much for us to reach this far, it is impossible. You can imagine that the cost of roofing this one dormitory with the toilets/showers attached is upto 12 million shillings! The struggle we are making for now is to finish with plastering and flooring of this dormitory so that by beginning of next term we transfer the children sleeping in sick bay to use this dormitory  as the sick bay begins functioning if you approve of it.
Finally, i know the balance we now have left for you to request from bengo is quite little, we are really struggling left and right if there is a miracle we can perform so that we do not miss bengo support next time. This is quite a difficult report to share!
Let me stop here for now.

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