Need your urgent advice

Dear dad,
Thank you so much for sending Churchill’s fees in time. I also appreciate a lot the transfer you are about to make for the 20 desks, teacher’s chair and table and the 10 beds for sickbay, this will boost the work so much.

Need advice:
We have been widely advertising the school and so far 100 children have been registered for boarding section and there are some for day section. We have less than one month for the school to reopen and the plan to construct dormitory is still not sure. I am so worried and does fear a lot if we change our mind now and begin telling people no boarding, we will lose the trust of the people and it will be very difficult for us to regain. Please we need your urgent advice!

On the other hand, the construction of P.5 classroom has not yet began, is there anything you can comment about this?
I am sorry this is overwhelming so much to you and the organization but we have to take note of this early enough.

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