Dear members,

I feel the pleasure to report to you a fairly successful end of academic year 2016, which we have concluded today 5th December 2016. Despite some challenges, I have the honour to report that the term and the entire academic year ended successfully with no major problem internally with both teachers and students. On behalf of the teachers, parents and students, allow our sincere thanks to your board, management team, staff and all individuals and groups that have undertaken to sustain us, in the bid to improve our livelihood and that of our country’s next generation. May the lord reward you abundantly.  Below were some of the notable achievements and challenges encountered. „END OF YEAR REPORT 2016“ weiterlesen

Grace Community 2016 Preliminary Report (Highlights)

It’s my great pleasure on behalf of Grace Community NPS – Minja and on my own behalf to appreciate you, the organization and above all Aba Father for the successful completion of this term amidst heavy challenges faced in the running of the term to date. I am sorry for not keeping you up to date on the details of the progress of the school through the year; this was partly contributed by a number of factors and one of them has been my wife who has been pregnant so I had to take up some of her roles, secondly the relocation of our church in town besides changing the position of Minja church to give compound for school. „Grace Community 2016 Preliminary Report (Highlights)“ weiterlesen