winners song

Dear Irene,
We hope to finish end of term examinations tomorrow. Tomorrow, the commission is sending us the list of chemicals and apparatus we need for final exams starting on 13th October, and normally they ask us to have them at least two weeks before exams, for students to get familiar with them. „winners song“ weiterlesen

Update Bombo

Dear Henry and Irene,
Greetings from St. Peter’s secondary school and from my family. We have had a busy schedule the last two weeks, but in general we are fine. A lot has happened, including the agriculture field study which I told you about last week. We were able to take only students in S.4 and S.6 because of the resources, and they came back successfully. „Update Bombo“ weiterlesen


Dear sir,

We were honoured to receive you as a delegation from Learn -Apply -Proceed at St. Peter’s secondary school Bombo-Kalule. As the school community, we are aware of the love, care and sacrifice you have for our wellbeing and sustenance. This has always been exhibited in the financial support you have extended to us over time and the valuable physical items that we have received which have greatly helped us to improve in structures, teaching, computer studies. electricity safety and distribution, skills acguisition, and much more. „APPRECIATING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR VISIT – FEBRUARY 2017“ weiterlesen